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Shop for my original jewellery designs. In addition to my collections, I also design engagement rings, wedding rings and run wedding workshops.

About wedding workshops :

Do you want to make your own rings for your wedding? If so, I would like to invite you to my jewellery workshop in Lodz, where you can create them yourself from start to finish under my guidance. Wedding workshops are fantastic fun and an unforgettable adventure. I offer you an unusual keepsake, where already as a married couple you will be able to wear on your hands wedding rings made by yourselves. You do not need to know jewellery or have artistic skills. I always say that: , “ALL WORKSHOPS HAVE SUCCEEDED and DON’T MISS SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG.”

My adventure with workshops began in 2014 when my warm-hearted friends from college asked me to be the one to make their own wedding rings. I’m by nature a person who really likes a challenge so I agreed straight away. After one day of work, Asia and Peter already had their dream rings on their finger. What did they choose and how did they look like? See for yourself in the photos – they were hammered white gold rings with an irregular shape.

Since then, I began a workshop adventure that continues to this day. Like every year, I meet more couples who create their own designs for their dream wedding rings. How many have there already been? I must admit I can’t count. 🙂

Here is some basic information:

► the workshop is individual so it’s just you and me – the presenter; it lasts 1 day, about 4-5 hours and takes place in a jewellery workshop in Lodz ;
► the rings can be made of YOUR gold or silver that’s why I always recommend looking for broken gold jewellery, single earrings or maybe some rings left over from your grandparents; don’t worry about the colour or the purity of the gold you collect; I will clean it all up and prepare such a colour of gold as you wish to wear on your finger in your rings
► after the workshop you can take your rings with you (you will make them during our meeting) or you can leave them for engraving or inserting diamonds or other precious stones
► your photographers may participate in the workshop

From my side I recommend to you photographers from Lodz i.e:
– Agata Opalińcka – Kawecka HAPPYBLUEPHOTO
– Kamila Norma Ilnicka
– Justyna and Jacek Oh. Storytellers – here it is also possible to make a video

► We will arrange a workshop date convenient for you by phone or e-mail

Registration for the workshops started at the beginning of the year. The date chosen is determined by priority of application. Workshops take place on Saturdays as well as during the week. It is not possible to sign up 2/3 years ahead for a workshop only for the current 2024.
If you have any questions or would like to arrange a date, please feel free to contact me: tel: 791771671, email:

Take a look at the photos from several wedding testimonials and see for yourself that the wedding workshop is an AWESOME and ROMANTIC ADVENTURE.

You can find more information about the wedding offer on my other website which is designed to help you choose and design the wedding rings of your dreams.

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